10 Best Espresso Beans – Review & Buying Guide

Craving for that perfect cup of espresso but don’t know the best espresso beans to use? Well, this is for you. Here’s the deal.  Great espresso calls for good quality beans.

For that pure caffeine delight that reaches a coffee lover’s nirvana, you will need to pair great espresso beans with a top-notch machine.  

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So, which are the best espresso beans? The best espresso beans have the right roast, flavor, and the right blend. Here is our list of the best espresso beans in 2022 to give you a head start.  Let’s dive right in, shall we?

10 Best Espresso Beans 2022 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag

At A Glance: Our Top Picks Of The 10 Best Espresso Beans

Quick Overview Of The 10 Best Espresso Beans In 2022

Our Top Pick10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Lifeboost Espresso Beans (best espresso beans)
  • Sweet appealing taste
  • Suitable for sensitive stomachs
  • 100% healthy
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Koffee Kult Coffee Beans 
  • Excellent aroma
  • High intensity
  • Thick cream
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Death Wish Dark Roast Coffee
  • High caffeine content
  • Strong flavor
  • No bitterness
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Stumptown Hair Bender Coffee Roasters
  • Unique flavor
  • Well balanced
  • Less oily
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Kicking Horse Cliffhanger
  • Completely healthy
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Quite delicious
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso
  • Great for sensitive stomach
  • Sweet chocolate taste
  • Mild
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast
  • Fresh
  • Dense aroma
  • Quite flavorful
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Lavazza Super Crema
  • Thick crema
  • Lasting taste
  • Long shelf life
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Blue Horse 100% Kona Dark Roast
  • Healthy
  • High quality
  • Strong
10 Best Espresso Beans 2021 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Complex taste
  • Full creamy mouthful
  • Sweet with pleasant bitterness

The 10 Best Espresso Beans Of 2022

Here is our list of the best espresso beans (top on the cream).

Lifeboost Espresso Beans (Best Espresso Beans)

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These are premium quality 100% Arabica beans grown on the shades of Nicaragua mountains in Central America. The beans are hand-selected, spring water washed, sun-dried, and roasted to perfection.

The beans are characterised by a rich bold flavour with undertones of chocolate caramel and slight fruitiness and sweetness. They also come with a bit of brightness, a distinction of Central American beans.

What’s more? These beans are completely mycotoxin-free as they are grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. Enjoy a high-quality coffee experience with a shot of low acidity espresso brewed from this 5 star rated product.

More appealing is the fact that these beans are sustainably sourced and produced without any compromise to your health or the environment. Go ahead and satisfy your caffeine urge with a cup of joe from Lifeboosts high-quality healthy beans.

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Features of the best espresso beans brand

  • Dark roasted for espresso brews with a rich full body.
  • A rich bold flavour characterised by undertones of chocolate and caramel for an excellent taste
  • Low acidity to suit sensitive stomach
  • Organic fair trade certified coffee with guaranteed quality

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Looking for an exceptional aroma that pulls you in like a warm hug? Well, Koffee Kult Dark roast beans got you covered. These Fair trade certified organic beans are sourced from Guatemala, Columbia and Sumatra and roasted in small batches in Hollywood, Florida.

The resultant is a rich smooth, low acidity espresso blend with hints of cinnamon, spice, chocolate and subtle tones of nuttiness. Although these full-bodied whole Arabica beans are dark roasted, the not too fine grind, not too strong tamping pressure, and not too long brewing time ensures that they are free from the bitterness that accompanies other dark roasts. 

You don’t get just freshness from this dark roast coffee but also a strong and bold flavour with a long finish for a tantalizing taste that keeps lingering in your mouth. Why don’t you give this 4.8 star rated, smooth, rich, spicy, and nutty espresso bliss a trial?  You never know, it just might be what you are looking for.


  • Smooth with low acidity – good for sensitive stomachs
  • Bright flavour with cinnamon and chocolate for great-tasting espresso
  • Dark roast for a rich crema
  • Arabica beans sourced from Columbia, Guatemala, and Sumatra

Death Wish Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Death Wish Coffee Co., Organic and Fair Trade Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 16 oz
  • EXTRA KICK OF CAFFEINE: Our whole roasted coffee beans will utterly transform your basic cup of joe into a delicious, bold, and intense beverage that will revolutionize your morning. Super fuel for life in the fast lane, our dark coffee beans will ignite your senses and supply you with an abundance of energy your body needs to perform at its peak condition all day long.

Having a rough morning or simply want something to keep you up all night? All you need an espresso sip from Death wish coffee beans. Packed with double the caffeine in the majority of other beans, these beans boast of being the strongest coffee in the world.

These fair trade and organic whole beans are made from a blend of extra strong Robustas and pure Arabica sourced from all over the world. The result of this mix is a bold, smooth and quite acidic espresso that tastes like browned butter and candied nuts.

With a star rating of 4.6, these high caffeine beans come in a dark roast and strong intensity  with cherry and chocolate notes that eliminate bitterness. If what you need is rocket fuel power, give the Death wish coffee beans a trial. The only downside to these is that they may be too intense for casual drinkers and might end up tasting burnt. Otherwise, go ahead and enjoy that extra kick in your cup of joe.


  • Dark roast with a strong intensity- for a strong taste
  • High in caffeine- For that extra kick
  • Bold, smooth and acidic
  • With browned butter, candied nuts, chocolate and cherry flavor- Sweet lasting taste

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The downside of these beans is their burnt taste which is a put off especially if you don’t like dark roasts.

Stumptown Hair Bender Coffee Beans

Stumptown Coffee, Hair Bender, 12 oz
  • Roasted fresh in small batches in Portland

These beans boast of being among the most complex blends in existence. This blend combines the richly textured and bright Indonesian coffee with a layer of fruity beans from Latin American and East Africa’s earthy deep beans.

The end result of these is a sweet, rich yet complex, and well-balanced coffee with dark chocolate and citrus elements for a tart and bitter blend. The beans are roasted to a medium- dark colour in Portland and with no surface oil to gum up grinders making them ideal if your machine comes with built in grinders.

With a rating of 4.4, this unique profile beans are a go to both as a dessert in the evening and a morning drink. A little bit of everything contained in these beans, you are sure to enjoy a sweet, dark roast espresso with a crispy finish. Try it and see if this is what you have been searching for in coffee experience.


  • Dark roasted for a strong intensive taste
  • Chocolate and cherry flavor- makes it sweet
  • Made from a blend of beans from Indonesia, Latin America and Africa

Kicking Horse Cliffhanger Coffee Beans

What  better way to start off a sunny day than with a sip from an espresso cup made with Kicking Horse Cliffhanger coffee beans? These 4.5 star rated, organic and sustainable source Arabica beans are sourced from Indonesia, Latin America and Africa.

These beans are  roasted to a medium dark roast at the Rocky mountains for a stronger aroma and taste than other medium roasts. The end result from these silky and complex beans is an espresso shot with a beautiful crema and a bright, complex fruity taste with chocolate and wild berry tones for a bold finish.

Better still, the beans come with a Fair trade, Organic, and Kosher certification hence you can be rest assured of quality in every cup. Needless to say more. Go ahead and give these deep, dark and delicious beans roasted from right below the peaks of the Canadian Rocky mountains a try for a  caffeine boost without the burnt aftertaste.


  • Medium dark roast
  • Bright and complex
  • Outstanding rich crema
  • With dark berries, brown sugar and cocoa tones

Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso Beans

Intelligentsia Coffee, Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee - Black Cat Espresso 12 Ounce Bag with Flavor...
  • Contains one (1) 12 Ounce Bag of Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso Whole Bean Coffee. Packaging may vary for a limited time.

If you are not a high intensity coffee fan, then these 4.6 star rated coffee beans will undoubtedly be a fit for you. Sourced from Columbia and Brazil, these beans will give you a shot with a syrupy taste and alot more sweetness than in most espresso blends.

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Coffee from these beans is dark, mysterious, and well balanced with hints of chocolate, caramel and molasses tones. Additionally, the beans are low with unique brightness that never disappoints. The full-bodied and well-rounded are roasted to a dark roast. 


  • Dark roast
  • A blend of Brazilian and Columbian beans
  • Full-bodied with hints of chocolate

Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso

Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso, Whole Bean Coffee, 5 Pound Bag
  • Italian Roast Espresso: A rich, full bodied gourmet coffee with a big bite, featuring a toasty, honeyed aroma; A dark roast blend with flavor notes of cocoa and smoky molasses for a vibrant and strong taste

Italian Roast espresso beans have a black, rich, and heavy flavour to give you an aromatic and delicious coffee. These beans are sourced from South America and India and slow roasted just before packaging to preserve freshness and flavour.

With their low acidity, these beans produce a smooth espresso with notes of cocoa powder and smoky molasses. Boasting a quality star rating of 4.5, the densely aromatic beans are considered milder in intensity than other espressos. If you’re out for a strong dark brew, check out these gourmet beans  for a balanced caffeine kick.

The beans have the advantage of having a well balanced flavor, an ability to retain freshness for longer and are excellent for espressos and other milk based drinks. These beans are however too oily which might be a turn off to some people.


  • With notes of molasses, cocoa and smoke
  • Italian roast with a blend of Indian and South American beans
  • Heavy honeyed and toasted aroma

Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans

These beans Italian whole beans present a blend of 80% Arabica beans and 20% Robusta beans sourced from Central America, Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Columbia. The beans are blended and roasted in Italy to produce a succulent full flavor combination with a rich velvety crema.

Additionally, the beans are of a medium roast and not oily with a mild flavour that is a bit sweet with hints of honey and almonds in addition to subtle fruits and hazelnuts. Lavazza Super Crema beans are rich dark brown in colour and have an exquisite aroma having been perfectly roasted for a creamy excellent taste.

Even though they are a bit acidic as a result of the Robusta beans, the caffeine is low due to the  low 80/20 ratio. With a star rating of 4.2, Lavazza crema may be all you need for an unmatchable espresso shot.


  • Smooth and creamy
  • Toffee and fudge flavour
  • Medium dark roast

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Blue Horse 100% Kona Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Farm-fresh: 100% Kona Coffee - Dark Roast - Arabica Whole Beans - 1 Lb or 16 oz Bag - Blue Horse...
  • OUR BRAND STORY: Monumental volcanoes and lush, verdant steep slopes make Kona, Hawaii a special place on earth. The high elevation, mountain slopes, mineral and nutrient-rich volcanic soil, and cooler temperatures create perfect conditions for coffee. It’s where Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee was born. It's where we grow the world's best and most famous Kona coffee - right here in the USA.

Can’t take in the firepower that comes with Kicking Horse beans but in love with rich flavor? The dark and slightly oily Blue Horse Kona beans being mild but equally rich is your best bet. These beans leave a volcano taste in your mouth as they are sourced from richly volcanic Big Island Kona in Hawaii.

They are sustainably shade grown without the use of any herbicides and pesticides, hand picked, sun dried and freshly roasted to a dark roast. The slightly ashy beans come with a distinctive flavor characterised by bittersweet chocolate, vanilla and almond notes with muted acidity.

Additionally, these beans have a mellow, aromatic body with spicy after notes with low caffeine content. What’s more, you will get to enjoy preserved authentic and distinctive taste as they are single farm sourced. Although quite pricey the quality of these beans makes them worth every dime.

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  • Rich flavour with hints of vanilla and almond- enhances taste
  • Dark roast for bold taste
  • Mild intensity

Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Coffee, Yirgacheffe Region, USDA Organic, Whole Bean, Kosher, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
  • 100% Pure Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Yirgacheffe, Medium-bodied and brilliantly acidy with rough, fruity or winy tones. Thick body and an earthy aroma coupled with lemon, blueberry and blackberry notes.

Sourced from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, these beans are of a medium roast, low acidity  with fruity after tones. These heavy bodied beans produce a full creamy coffee with an earthy aroma accompanied by a taste of ripe strawberries and pineapple guavas with hints of cinnamon that complement the fruity tones.

These beans present a sweet and pleasantly bitter coffee that leaves the taste of dark chocolate in every cup. The Yirgacheffe beans are organically and medium roasted to bring out a complex yet rewarding taste profile that every coffee aficionado would appreciate. Well, don’t just take our word for it, test it to see if it’s worth the hype.


  • Thick body and earthy aroma with fruity and cinnamon tones for lasting taste
  • Medium roast with low acidity fit for sensitive stomachs
  • Freshly roasted to preserve aroma

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10 Best Espresso Beans 2022 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag

Our Pick Of The Overall Best Espresso Beans 2022:

Lifeboost Espresso Beans

Our unrivaled pick for the overall best is Lifeboost Organic Premium Espresso Beans. With its sweet chocolate undertones and a rich bold flavor, these Nicaraguan beans are bound to give the best caffeine kick that fully awakens your senses.

Firstly, these beans are purely organic as they are made from beans grown without the use of any chemicals thus you are sure your health is guaranteed. Their medium to low acidity is a plus as the espresso can be enjoyed by all coffee lovers especially  those with preference to less acidic espressos.

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Some of the most important qualities that make it the best espresso beans include:

  • The are single origin sourced from beans grown from the same farm
  • They are free from mycotoxins
  • Best taste as they are shade grown
  • Friendly to the stomach
  • They are clean and pure

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5 Benefits of Espresso Beans

An espresso shot gives you nothing short of pure caffeine delight whether as an early morning boost, a day time snack or even a tantalizing evening desert.

So, what’s in an espresso? – Espresso which has coffee concentration but with low-calorie content (3 calories/ounce) presents a number of beneficial health perks if regularly consumed.

So, don’t feel guilty about your caffeine addiction the next time you are having your favourite espresso shot as you could unknowingly be doing yourself a whole lot of good. Apart from it being low in calories, these are the other benefits you can reap from drinking espresso:

Boosts memory

A perfect espresso shot will give you the right amount of caffeine to improve your long term memory. Caffeine intake has been linked to helping with memory detention.

Besides, caffeine is suspected to help in prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkison’s diseases. The caffeine in an espresso can influence how your brain functions, keeping you alert and can help in remembering things easily.

Aids in weight loss 

Looking forward to dropping some pounds? Well, regular intake of your favourite and of course not forgetting exercise could do the trick. Caffeine intake helps make the workout routine less strenuous  and reduce muscle pain after exercise. This enables you to keep going hence burning additional calories. 

Unlike other beverages, espresso has a low-calorie content that helps in improving exercise performance and keeps you in shape. Besides, caffeine intake can increase your metabolism and help burn fat. A shot of espresso may also keep your food cravings in check.

Improves digestion

Espressos can help in dealing with indigestion by soothing bloated stomachs and fighting inflammations. and as such may help in dealing with indigestion.

Anti-aging Effects

Espressos are packed with antioxidants which can help remove toxins and boost immunity to enhance overall health. By removing harmful toxins can help reduce the risk of developing liver cirrhosis, kidney, and heart diseases. They can also have anti aging effects.

Improves mood

The caffeine in your espresso acts as a brain stimulant by blocking brain hormones. Blocking this hormone enables the brain to enjoy increased activity. This helps to improve mood, boost brain function in the short term, reduce tiredness and increase alertness. All these are believed to aid fighting depression.

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Espresso Beans and Coffee Growing Regions 

The growing region largely influences the flavor of the coffee it produces. The taste, flavor, and aroma of coffee beans are dependent on the place from which its source coffee was grown. With different regions come different flavors and aromas.

Rainfall, shade soil chemistry and altitude are among the things that can have a huge impact on the taste of your espresso. Dark roasts are considered a preserve of Sumatra as the wet hulling process utilized there results in a natural, mushroom flavour that produces the darkest French roast. If you have inclinations to smoky finishings, Sumatra’s coffee is your go-to.

With deep mineralization resulting from the climate, soil, and sun-drying procedure, coffee from Africa is marked by a stronger, darker flavor with chocolatey and fruity tones for complex balanced espresso.

Indonesian coffee has a rich, bold flavour with a tingly volcanic aftertaste and well-balanced acidity. Beans from Indonesia have the body capable of producing quality espresso even in a medium roast.

South and Central America produce brightly acidic, medium roast coffee which comes with fruity and floral notes. Brazilian coffee is characterised by a lighter, sweeter flavour which makes outstanding espresso when combined with strong beans.

Tips for Enjoying Espresso Beans

In addition to having a top quality espresso machine, the following are some other things to look into inorder to reap the very best out of espresso beans regardless of your choice.

Get the right grind size

Any barrister with experience will confirm that grind size is everything when it comes to espresso. Great espresso requires fine grinds. The finer the grind, the faster the extraction resulting in a balanced flavor.

Ensure proper tamping

Tamping impacts on the rate at which water flows through the pluck whenever a shot is pulled, hence ensure you do it properly.  Apply 30 pounds of pressure with the tamper for a closer packing of the grinds to allow proper extraction.

Pre-Infuse your espresso

Pre-infusion ensures even extraction by controlling the flow speed through the grinds. It also helps in wetting the coffee grinds for exhaustive extraction and releasing carbon dioxide stored in them from roasting.

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10 Best Espresso Beans 2022 - Review & Buying Guide - Coffee Brew Mag

Best Espresso Beans FAQs

Is there a difference between espresso beans and coffee beans?

The short answer is Yes! Espresso beans are different from regular coffee beans in terms of roast, grind size and brewing method.

The roast

Regular coffee beans range from a light roast, medium roast, to a medium-dark roast. Espresso beans on the other hand are typically roasted longer and belong to the dark roast category. The long roasting for espresso beans helps to remove acidity and release oiliness to bring out a heavier, fuller crema.

The grind

Espresso beans are ground to finer grind than coffee beans. The grind size for espresso beans is similar to that of granulated sugar or salt while that of coffee beans is more like sand.

Brewing method

Espresso beans are used with espresso machines to make coffee while drip method is used with regular coffee beans.

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Can you use regular beans for espresso?

Yes, regular beans can be used for espresso. However, using these regular beans may not result in that perfect shot expected from an espresso. The taste and the flavor will not be as strong as the one from espresso. 

The body and the crema will also be less full. You can however grind the regular beans to a much finer grind to match that of an espresso for better results. Also consider using regular beans in the dark roast category.

How do I choose coffee beans for espresso?

While choosing coffee beans for espresso look out for the following:


The fresher the better if you want to get the very best out an espresso. Keep a keen eye on the roast date. The best period is 1-4 weeks after roast.

Roast profile

Even though espresso can be made from any beans, it’s best to use beans with a dark roast as they bring out a more consistent taste. Darker coffees are considered more forgiving as they have less noticeable changes. They also tend to pair well with milk.

Single-origin or blend

Blending allows balancing of flavor. This typically depends on whether the beans are Arabica or Robusto. Arabicas are mostly single origin and have a complex flavour with less acidity. 

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Robusta beans are usually blended and tend to be more acidic and bitter. Though single origin beans are great, blends carry the day when it comes to espresso.

Wrapping Up The Best Espresso Beans 2022

Ok, so there you have it all.  Whether you are a coffee nerd or just starting off in the coffee world, you are sure to find something from our list of the best espresso beans. Our recommendation of the best espresso beans is Lifeboost Organic Premium Espresso Beans. The fact that they are sustainably sourced, 100% organic, and completely healthy makes them top on the list in the market.

That being said, the best type of bean is the one that you like most. No single type will taste best to everyone in the world. The trick is to look at your options, experiment, and find the one that piques your interest.

Do you need to get a renowned coffee barrister for a great espresso shot? Not really. All you need is quality espresso beans plus the right espresso machine and viola! You will get the desired caffeine kick right from the comfort of your kitchen.

Still wondering where to start? Well, our top choice, Lifeboost Organic coffee beans will help jumpstart your coffee exploration journey.  What are you waiting for?  Go for it. Happy caffeinating.

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